Fall and Winter Essentials

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Fall and winter Fireplace cleaning and InspectionSummer is slowly coming to an end; the leaves are starting to fall and the earth is getting wrapped by beautiful bright fall colors. And like any summer, this summer has passed by too fast! Fall preparation is essential to make a smooth transition into the fall and winter. Keep reading to find out your 6 essentials to make sure your home is ready for Fall:

  1. Overhaul the Yard: Now is the perfect time to pack up summer essentials that no longer need to be out. We don’t like rust! The lawn is just as important, make sure you do some weeding and cleaning.
  2. Fireplace cleaning and Inspection: Is very important as you want to make sure your home can be heated and cozy while looking at a beautiful flame. Make sure it’s done by a professional, an inspection is very important especially of gas and wood-burning fireplaces.
  3. Check indoor and outdoor lights: As the new season brings longer darkness lighting is very important. Make sure you are equipped for darker evenings and less sunlight. Make sure to check light bulbs and replace if needed to avoid doing it on a freezing winter night. Brrr.
  4. Prepare your Entry: The entry of your home has the highest traffic, think about it. It’s a wise decision to set up a helpful entry for the next few months of cold weather. Pack up the summer items you no longer wear (such as sandals, light coats, etc.) to make room for boots and winter jackets. Add a winter mat that’s big enough for people to step into your home and comfortably remove their shoes and boots.
  5. Organize storage and garage space: it’s a good idea to organizing garage and storage every so often, but especially before the winter comes. You will be able to clear out and get rid of un-needed things but also figure out where all the holiday essentials are, such as décor, coats, warm blankets, shovels, salt and everything you are going to need to stay cozy this winter! Make sure to clear anything that might be affected by the cold weather
  6. Warm up your home: Do you have a cool room in your home that you love in the summer but in the cooler months you avoid or plug in a heater? We have the answer: fireplaces are a great way to bring warmth, beauty, and comfort to any room or the whole house. The Gas and Electric options are almost endless in our showroom. Come to us with a vision, idea, budget or just come and take a peak.

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