Thinking of Adding a Fireplace to your Home?

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thinking of adding fireplace to homeHere are a few Great Reasons:

1) Fireplaces feel great. Simply put, no other kind of appliance offers the cozy goodness that you’ll enjoy sitting in front of a fire. Fireplaces evoke deep feelings in people—far beyond the idea that they simply provide a source of heat—conjuring up words like cozy, home, romance, love. By including a fireplace in your building or remodeling plans, you are ensuring your home will have a cozy beautiful spot to gather around.

2) Fireplaces add value to a home. Up to 85 percent of home buyers would pay more for a home with at least one fireplace, with buyers ranking a fireplace in the top three amenities they’d most like to see in a potential new home.

3) It’s not as expensive as you might think. Adding a gas fireplace can cost as little as $1799 installed with our current promotion—a transformation that unlike other home renovations transcends trends.

4) Makeover your home with one investment. By adding a fireplace to your home, you can create a whole new living experience for your entire family. There are even see-through fireplaces that allow you to impact two rooms at once.

5) And easy to enjoy. Bedroom, living room, bathroom or basement: gas fireplaces of all shapes and sizes that can quickly be installed in almost any room of a single-family home. Once installed, there is no need to deal with dirty firewood wood or smoke every time you want to enjoy a soothing fire… just flip the switch (or tap your remote) and relax.

6) Gas fireplaces can cut your heating costs. Often referred to as “zone heating,” the concept is simple. After turning down the temperature on the home’s central thermostat, the homeowner heats the areas of the home where the most time is spent (often the family or living room), with their gas fireplace. This keeps those rooms warm and comfortable and reduces the amount of money spent heating rooms that aren’t in use. Plus, they’re super efficient a fireplace with 27 000 Btu’s per hour cost less than 20 cents an hour to enjoy. or “in-between” weather when it’s not cold enough for the central heat, but you still need a little bit of warmth.

7) Gas fireplaces can suit any kind of home décor or design style. From sleek and modern linear styles to traditional masonry looks the gas fireplaces can add ambiance warmth and beauty to any décor or design approach. We have one of the biggest showrooms in the Toronto area.

8) Stay warm if the power goes out. This might be the biggest and most important reason to get a fireplace. No power? No problem!!!

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