3 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

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3 Ways Turn Backyard Outdoor Oasis

Why not create your own vacation destination in your outdoor space? Your vision, your space and your dream destination. Here are a few fireplace options to help you to create your new paradise.

1. Built-in fireplaces

A beautifully built-in fireplace will be the main focal point to your outdoor living design. Built-in fireplaces are great sources of heat and will extend your time outdoors. Careful planning of the placement will keep you warm when needed and comfortable using it no matter the season. Great for entertaining and family time.

2. Flame tables

This is a great way to add a touch of elegance to a back yard. Flame tables are like high end coffee tables.  Set your drink and appetizers down and entertain or just enjoy the dancing flame. It is more compatible with non- conventional outdoor spaces, such as rooftop patios or a backyard in an urban area. They are fuel efficient and add class and sophistication to any outdoor setting.

3. Torches

Torches are a perfect accent piece to add to an outdoor space. They are also unique as they can be turned into pillars, or simply left as a torch. They can be used for small back yards, entrance ways, gardens and patios.

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