Cozy outdoor Fireplaces

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cozy outdoor fireplacesEveryone loves snuggling up on a chilly evening with a crackling fire in the grate. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have that option on a beautiful cool summer or fall evening? Well, now you can, simply choose a vent free fireplace, fire-pit or even a wall mounted super modern linear fireplace.

Where should I put my fireplace?

Take a look at your yard plan, where does it make the most sense to have a fireplace? Is there an area that you have set out for the family to gather, perhaps a spot that you are placing the lounging furniture? Where would a fireplace fit into your design scheme and is there a wall or patio the fire can sit on or be attached to? What style do you prefer? There is always an outdoor fire to fit your space.

What do I use for fuel?

First, you have to decide which type of fire you want. You can choose from propane, natural gas, or wood burning. Propane and wood styles are quite versatile and can be moved to different areas in the yard or even taken to the cottage with you. These styles are great for families that want a more traditional fire-pit style.

If you want to use natural gas you want to make sure it is easy to run the lines to the fireplace and that, you have the right amount of space to accommodate the size of fireplace you want to install.


What kind of design would you like for your fireplace? Do you prefer the look of a real indoor style of fireplace?
An indoor style built in fireplace will give you that traditional feel and make your outdoor space complete with a touch of homey warmth. A freestanding fireplace looks more like a stove they are smaller and work beautifully for difficult areas and locations in your yard. Regardless of the style, you choose all our outdoor fireplaces are built from stainless steel and made to be durable and weather resistant. Once you decide on a style you can then thing about design additions like stonework, concrete, tiles or metal finishes whatever will compliment your backyard area.

Here are some styles of fireplace to choose from:

Linear Fireplaces

These can be very modern and elegant. They come in several styles and you can choose from see through models that are double sided, there are single sided and even triple sided styles. The interior of the fireplace can take on a different look with driftwood type logs, river rocks, coloured glass and of course traditional log styles.

Wall Mounted

If you have a large garden, you may want a wall-mounted fireplace. These offer a more traditional interior style fireplace that is perfect for big areas that you want to style as homey and comfortable. They can also be very elegant and grand depending on the garden they need to fit into.

Firepits and Patio Heaters

Some fire pits and patio heaters are a more versatile way to add an accent to your outdoor space. They are movable which means you can relocate them to whatever area you want that warmth in. They can be located in decks and patios and generally run off propane or natural gas. They give a beautiful glow in the evening and you can roast your marshmallows on them.

Whatever style you want, come by The Fireplace Club, we have them all and expert staff to help.

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