What Are the Benefits of Direct Vent Fireplaces?

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Benefits Direct Vent FireplacesDirect Vent Fireplaces are cost efficient, versatile, and can be installed with or without the use of a chimney. There are some benefits of this kind of fireplace.

What Is Direct Vent Fireplace?

It simply needs to be installed in an exterior wall and the flexible or rigid venting can be used. When being installed, this type of venting is able to move easier around obstacles, such as wall supports, or beams. There is also still the option of installing in an already existing chimney.

Another impressive feature of this kind of fireplace is some types of direct vent fireplaces can operate without the use of electricity. Even though electricity is needed to power the blower, the flame control and burner are run on a self-generating millitvolt system or can even use regular batteries.

How Does the Fireplace Work?

  1. Combustion air is taken from outside the building
  2. The cool air within the room gets pulled into the lower chamber. Then it circulates around the firebox and goes to the room as warm air through the fan. There is also heat coming from the central burner that goes into the room
  3. The terminal is mounted outside, connects to the fireplace indoors
  4. The venting exits from either the top or the rear of the fireplace
  5. Rear exhaust is an option too
  6. Direct vent power venting can be installed to go around stairways, up, down and around most objects in any space

The Direct Vent Fireplace offers a sleek design addition to your home, as it has many decorating options. Most models or direct vent fireplace are suitable for wherever you want the comfort of a fire. The best part of installing a direct vent gas fireplace is that you do not need a chimney. If you are interested in installing a Direct Vent Fireplace, then please contact our team of professionals at

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