Creating Your Outdoor Paradise

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beautiful outdoor fireplaceAnyone can throw some nice furniture out on the patio, add a fire pit and some flowers but to create the perfect outdoor living space with an easy charm and resort feel takes a bit of planning. Your yard may have a hot tub, pool, patio, deck or simply a blank canvas to start with, there is a multitude of ways to personalize the space and then just sit back and enjoy the view. Here are four key areas where you can start the planning of the perfect yard.

Planning for Perfect

It doesn’t matter if you have acres of yard space or a tiny patchwork of land, planning is critical to the success of dream yard. Grab yourself a notebook to keep track of all the ideas you like and add your photos or pictures from a magazine, and sketches in. Alternatively, you can take a large piece of Bristol board or foam core and start a vision board. On the board, you can keep samples of the fencing you like, pictures of the decking, flowers, and furniture and so on. You can take the notebook shopping with you, compare pricing, and search for items that will match your vision and keep you on the budget.

Make sure you note the space you have available to you, you may need to do some scale drawings so you can compare furniture sizes and make sure everything you want will fit. You can also take a look at more complex decks and spaces to give you the room you want in your yard you may have to build up.

Outdoor Furniture Choices

There is nothing better than sinking back into a comfortable lounge or patio chair. Maybe you are a fan of porch swings or hammocks. The right furniture for your yard will enhance the ambiance and increase the comfort level. Don’t forget to think of items like tables for drinks both side tables and a coffee table. Perhaps you also want a table to dine at. Materials are important as well. What works in your yard? Do you prefer rustic or vintage? On the other hand, are you a modernist and want chrome and sleek steel. From wicker to glass, up-cycled and reused there is a style of furniture for every taste and budget.

Look Under Your Feet

Don’t forget the area where your furniture is going to sit and the pathways that you walk on to get to and through the space. You may have a wooden deck or a crazy paving patio. This space actually defines your living space. Your dining table could be on the deck and your furniture for lounging may sit on a lovely brick patio. The materials used can define the space for you and turn the entire outside area into a beautiful living space.

Effortless Additions

Be sure you don’t forget lighting, to create ambiance and mood. You want lighting that compliments the space and the garden surrounding the space as well. Make sure steps and pathways are well lit so you or your guests don’t stumble in the dark. Soft lamps and hanging lights will enhance the space dramatically.

Accessorizing will create an inviting atmosphere and bring some of your personality into the area. Wall art, planters, fountains and of course flowers. You can also get some perfect outdoor rugs to soften the hard aspect of a concrete patio. You could also add cushions, rugs and add that softness and coziness for those cooler nights.

Add a fire-pit or a full gas fireplace  (outdoor fireplace) that way your outdoor living space will get more use all year round. If you prefer, add a wood burning fireplace. Don’t forget a BBQ as well, get grilling – take your kitchen outdoors for the summer heat.

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