Zone Heating and How it Works

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zone heating fireplaceHeating the whole house using your main heating system might be very expensive. But don’t worry, there is an alternative way that will get you saving some extra money; Zone Heating. Zone heating is the use of an alternative heat source in the most used room of the house.

Here is why it’s more efficient:
According to research, we spend 80% of our time at home in 20% of our house. Therefore, heating that 20% is more beneficial as it’s a money saving alternative way! Why not focus most of the heat in places we are present the most? You don’t have to think that far back to remember how it was done back then. Most people were using a single fireplace or stove to heat their entire house via the room they would spend the most time in. Whether it’s your living room where you spend a lot of time with your family, or your home office if you work from home, you can make any room cozier with a fire place!

Zone heating isn’t only efficient but it’s also beneficial; it saves some money in your wallet and minimizes your carbon print in the world. Proper planning of zone heating may save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs per year by keeping the furnace set a bit lower. Now, let’s talk about comfort; you get to be cozy with a view of a beautiful fireplace!!

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