Thinking Of Upgrading Your Wood Burning Fireplace to Gas?

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Upgrading Your Wood Burning Fireplace To GasThere’s definitely something so beautiful about burning wood and listening to the crackling sound it makes as the flames dance.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to a wood burning fireplace as we all know too well. Cutting, stacking, building fire’s and the cleanup of ashes is something some of us just don’t have the time or energy for.

The great news is we can easily replace your wood fireplace with a gas insert. Inserts are more eco-friendly, look like real wood burning fireplaces and come with safety screens so children and pets are safe. Converting wood to gas is also relatively inexpensive and not a timely job.Valor 3.5

Gas Inserts fit right into your existing fireplace opening, and are easily operated by a remote or a simple wall switch. You can set the temperature to a comfortable heat, unlike a wood burning fireplace. Plus it will continue to work if the power goes out.

Inserts come in many different styles. From Contemporary to Classic designs, there’s literally a style to suit every vision. We carry over 20 so if you are ready to say goodbye to your wood fireplace or want to see what your options are, stop by our showroom today. Let us help you pick the perfect fireplace for your vision and heating needs.

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