3 Ways to Get Your Home Ready For Winter

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3 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

The Winter season is approaching fast! That means it’s time to start getting your home ready and The Fireplace Club has three tips in preparing you for the cold season ahead.

1. Schedule a heating system maintenance

To make sure you’re heating systems are running properly each year and that you don’t have any unwanted technical issues during the cold months, its best to get your system maintenced every year by a professional technician

2. Do a safety check

To ensure safety, and prevent slips and falls, check the following:

    • Railings – make sure they are secure
    • Pathways – make sure pathways are clear, and move gardening and lawn equipment into storage
    • Stairs – make sure they are clear, and that all leaves and debris have been cleared

3. Manage your entryway closet

With colder months, more storage space is required for jacket, boots, hats and gloves. Go through your entryway closet and clear your summer and spring stuff into storage to open up space for winter. Get extra hooks and handles if you think more are needed.

Another way to prepare for the cold months ahead is a fireplace installation by The Fireplace Club to warm up your home! Call us at 905-597-6033 for more information.