5 Reasons Why Gas Fireplaces Are Worth It

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5 Reasons Gas Fireplaces Are Worth ItA gas fireplace is the best way to warm up your home on a cool night. A simple upgrade of a gas fireplace will give you convenience, comfort and add good looks. Why not create this special place in your home for family and friends to gather around. The Fireplace Club wants to inform you of all the benefits and reasons why having a gas fireplace is worth it.

1. Consistent Heat Supply

With a wood fireplace, you have to constantly replace the logs but with a gas fireplace, you can enjoy the constant heat for as long as you want.

2. Cleaner and Safer

Wood fireplaces need constant cleaning and maybe dangerous. Gas fireplaces don’t leave contaminants behind and they don’t require cleaning between uses.

3. Less Expensive to Run

The average cost a family may spend on a wood fireplace is about $234/year and for gas fireplace, it only costs around $74 for a year.

4. Family-Friendly

Unlike wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces do not spark. Many gas fireplaces have a remote control to operate. This means they can be turned off instantly in case of an emergency.

5. Flexible Control

With a gas fireplace, you have the option of raising or lowering the flame. Wood fireplaces can not be adjusted to get the ideal flame and temperature.

We’re Here to Help

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