Pellet, Gas or Wood Stove?

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Pellet Gas Wood StoveThese few tips may help:

Stoves are a great source of heat. If placed in the right part of a home/ cottage you can turn off the furnace and save yourself money.

Gas stoves: Are low maintenance, no soot or mess. Other than a recommended yearly service call all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty.

Wood stoves: Are perfect for people who like to listen to the crackle of the fire. Great if you have a good amount of land for storing wood to last the season.
They’re a bit messy and require more maintenance than a gas stove.

A Pellet Stove: A wood pellet stove burns processed wood — the logs have been debarked, ground, dried and then compressed into small pellets. You fill it in the morning and get heat for 16 hours or more before you need to reload the stove. The pellets burn cleanly and efficiently. They’re also more compact and easier to store than logs. Because pellets are made from processed wood, however, they are usually more expensive than firewood. A pellet stove is easier to maintain then a wood stove.

Stoves are without a question a great heating source, although in terms of safety for families there is a need for supervision or a protective gate to prevent children’s and your furry friends access to the burning embers, and extremely hot glass door.

Whichever source of fuel you choose stoves give a rustic timeless look to a home. And provide you with added home value, warmth and beauty for many years.


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