No Power? No Problem!!

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Power Outage Fireplace HeatingIt’s that time a year when winter storms begin causing havoc across Canada. This year has been one of the coldest I ever remember in Toronto, our New Years Eve was the coldest in 50 years. We’ve already experienced power outages and that’s super scary with these types of temperatures. No electricity means no heat. If the weather is so cold that it’s causing power outages, then it’s cold enough to chill your house down to unlivable and dangerous conditions in mere hours. We needed to be prepared for these situations to protect our families.


That’s where fireplaces come in. No Power? No Problem!!

In the event of a loss of power, a fireplace will still light and keep you warm. There is no danger to continuously running a gas fireplace during a power outage.

Get Grilling

Don’t forget your grill!! Your grill, be it charcoal, natural gas, or propane, is invaluable when there’s no power. You can use it to cook food, boil water, and generally eat well, while there’s no power. Anything you would make in the kitchen can be done on your grill. To make sure that you’re good when trouble hits, remember to have an extra tank of propane, or bag of charcoal

How We Can Help

We carry over 20 fireplace brands and we have hundreds of styles that offer you worry free heat if your power goes out. All of our staff is highly knowledgeable and we pride ourselves in our customers’ safety and satisfaction first.

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