Maintaining your Gas Fireplace

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maintaining gas fireplacePeople who have wood burning fireplaces understand having an annual cleaning and inspection is necessary because of soot and creosote. A gas fireplace burns neat and clean and is very low maintenance.However there are many problems that can arise and become dangers with gas fireplaces if not properly cared for or maintained.

Debris tends to stick to vents, in the flue and inside the chimney. This needs to be removed, as it will restrict airflow and can create bad odor.
Ceramic or faux log inserts eventually deteriorate with use, clinging to the sides of the insert and getting trapped.

Chipped or scratched glass can become a hazard. It can hinder the heat output of your fireplace. Having the glass cleaned or replaced can fix the problem. A professional technician will know best.

The inside and outside of the fireplace needs to be cleaned in our professional opinion at least once a year after owning it for 2 years. This is beneficial for the longevity of your investment.

Safety is the number one priority when it come’s to fire and enjoying a beautiful fireplace in your home. By having an annual inspection by a certified gas technician, you ensure safety and can enjoy piece of mind knowing your fireplace will run efficiently when you want to enjoy it or need it the most.