How to Clean the Glass on Your Direct Vent Fireplace

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This is a task that needs to be done at least once a year, do it yourself or get it taken care of with your annual inspection and cleaning. But put it on the list with checking the batteries in your smoke detectors, going to the dentist, amongst other things. Taking care of the glass on your fireplace will allow you to keep the glow going. Regular cleaning of the glass will ensure that you’re always aware of how your gas fireplace is performing.

clean glass on direct vent fireplaceYou may notice a grayish white build up on the glass of your fire there are a few reasons for this. If the fireplace is new the residues from manufacturing can cause tiny particles that mix with the smoke and ash and deposit on the fireplace glass. If however, your fireplace is an older one the film may have built up over the years. The minerals in the fuel sources that deposit on the glass during the times the fire is lit cause this film. Keep an eye on the glass and when it starts to look a little hazy that is the time for cleaning it.

Don’t be afraid of cleaning the glass, it isn’t going to break, just make sure the fire is well cooled and the gas turned off. It is 100% safe to clean yourself and most fireplace manuals will demonstrate how to do this.

Cleaning the Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Glass

Pick up a cream cleanser for your glass door or an alcohol based one works great as well, these can be found in specialty shops and most DIY centers. To start most manuals will tell you to turn off the fireplace including the pilot light and then open the glass front door. At the top of the glass door, squirt around 2 tablespoons of the cleanser directly onto the glass. Spread this cleaner around the whole area with a soft cotton cloth. Let this sit on the glass for around 15 minutes until it is dry. When dry buff the cleaner off the glass until it is completely cleaned. Do this on both sides of the glass door but in opposite directions so you can check when finished which side has streaks.


Before you clean, remember:

  1. Do not use an ammonia-based cleanser like oven cleaner
  2. Do not use an abrasive cleanser like comet
  3. Do not use paper towel it just doesn’t absorb the dirt and cleanser, will leave streaks on the glass, and can scratch the glass.