Do you Want to Heat your Whole House with your Fireplace?

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warm whole house with fireplaceIf you decide you want to heat your home with your Fireplace, there are many ways to achieve this. Ideally placing your pellet stove or fireplace on the main floor in a centralized location is best. If your stove or fireplace is in basement we can help you with a solution to that as well. The first thing you have to do is to move the hot air to create airflow through the whole house.

Homes with a forced air furnace can circulate air by turning on the furnace’s fan. This will work best in homes with open concept or in a smaller home. Ceiling fans will also circulate air in the home. Just reverse the blade rotation so the air is being drawn up to the ceiling forcing the warm air to move against the walls and into the room. This works because hot air rises.

If you don’t have a forced air furnace or ceiling fans, well placed fans can also move the hot air to warm your house. The fan should be placed in the room with the fireplace or stove facing into the room so it blows the cold air towards the fireplace or stove to force the hot air to circulate into other areas of the home.

If these methods aren’t getting enough air movement to heat all areas of the home, you may have to do some renovation work to get a better air flow. Our experts can help you determine the best way to optimize your air flow.

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