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Monthly Archives: March 2017

This is a task that needs to be done at least once a year, do it yourself or get it taken care of with your annual inspection and cleaning. But put it on the list with checking the batteries in your smoke detectors, going to the dentist, amongst other things. Taking care of the glass on your fireplace will allow you to keep the glow going. Regular cleaning of the glass will ensure that you’re always aware of how your gas fireplace is performing.

clean glass on direct vent fireplaceYou may notice a grayish white build up on the glass of your fire there are a few reasons for this. If the fireplace is new the residues from manufacturing can cause tiny particles that mix with the smoke and ash and deposit on the fireplace glass.

Today’s electric fireplaces offer options the older models don’t including LED lights and attractive designs: from sleek ultramodern styles, to the classic fluted plinths there is a style that will fit your room and your sense of style.

electric fireplaces benefitsWho doesn’t love to sit in front of a fireplace enjoying the dancing flames? Sometimes homes just don’t have room for a traditional fireplace. But never fear, today’s modern electric fireplaces come with many different designs which are particularly attractive in small spaces. And create additional storage space in a otherwise underutilized areas.

Either you want to install a surface mantel with granite, marble or other kind of stone around it, or make a stone wall and install your TV on top of the fireplace, or you simply have a photo of a fireplace that you like; feel free to contact us. ×
All installation and maintenance will be performed by fully licensed staff who have the knowledge and experience in all of our products. So if there is any problem in your heating or cooling system, you are just a phone call away from getting it right. ×
Performed annually as specified by the fireplace manufacturer. This cleaning and inspection maintenance enhances the appearance of your fireplace while verifying the equipment meets manufacturer's specifications. ×
If you are not totally satisfied for the first year following the service work performed by Service Experts, we will promptly address and perform to your complete satisfaction those issues regarding material and workmanship or we will refund your service call fee. ×