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thinking of adding fireplace to homeHere are a few Great Reasons:

1) Fireplaces feel great. Simply put, no other kind of appliance offers the cozy goodness that you’ll enjoy sitting in front of a fire. Fireplaces evoke deep feelings in people—far beyond the idea that they simply provide a source of heat—conjuring up words like cozy, home, romance, love.

Fall and winter Fireplace cleaning and InspectionSummer is slowly coming to an end; the leaves are starting to fall and the earth is getting wrapped by beautiful bright fall colors. And like any summer, this summer has passed by too fast! Fall preparation is essential to make a smooth transition into the fall and winter.

cozy outdoor fireplacesEveryone loves snuggling up on a chilly evening with a crackling fire in the grate. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have that option on a beautiful cool summer or fall evening? Well, now you can, simply choose a vent free fireplace, fire-pit or even a wall mounted super modern linear fireplace.

beautiful outdoor fireplaceAnyone can throw some nice furniture out on the patio, add a fire pit and some flowers but to create the perfect outdoor living space with an easy charm and resort feel takes a bit of planning. Your yard may have a hot tub, pool, patio, deck or simply a blank canvas to start with, there is a multitude of ways to personalize the space and then just sit back and enjoy the view. Here are four key areas where you can start the planning of the perfect yard.

zone heating fireplaceHeating the whole house using your main heating system might be very expensive. But don’t worry, there is an alternative way that will get you saving some extra money; Zone Heating. Zone heating is the use of an alternative heat source in the most used room of the house.

outdoor fireplace designIt extends your outdoor season: Combining comfort and warmth, an outdoor fireplace allows you to enjoy the outdoors at anytime of the year! An outdoor fireplace is an extension of your home and will encourage you to spend more time outdoors. Spending more time with family and friends around a cozy fire might be just the perfect family time in your cozy backyard oasis. The flames from your fire will light up the night and will help feature this stunning focal point of your home.

zero clearance fireplacesDo you dream of a beautiful and cozy fireplace in your home? We all do! Sometimes the cost, installation and legal requirements can be a difficulty, but not with us. So, look no further; Zero-clearance Fireplaces may just be your dream come true!

clean wood burning fireplaceNothing says Spring like Spring cleaning after a very long winter! The cleaning of the wood burning fireplace is often the most forgetful task to do! But, how about the satisfaction that even the dirtiest place at home can be cleaned very easily? Important to note, this is very different from chimney cleaning; Chimney cleaning is recommended to do at least once a year preferably in the fall, by professionals only.

proper gas fireplaceGas fireplaces are a great addition to any room in the house and a favourite addition of many homeowners. But, how do you choose the right fireplace for your room?

You can use either gas or propane to fuel your fireplace and both will give you from 80 to 97% efficiency rating. Gas is the cleanest because it has fewer impurities when compared to other types of fuel and it is better for the environment.

This is a task that needs to be done at least once a year, do it yourself or get it taken care of with your annual inspection and cleaning. But put it on the list with checking the batteries in your smoke detectors, going to the dentist, amongst other things. Taking care of the glass on your fireplace will allow you to keep the glow going. Regular cleaning of the glass will ensure that you’re always aware of how your gas fireplace is performing.

clean glass on direct vent fireplaceYou may notice a grayish white build up on the glass of your fire there are a few reasons for this. If the fireplace is new the residues from manufacturing can cause tiny particles that mix with the smoke and ash and deposit on the fireplace glass.

Either you want to install a surface mantel with granite, marble or other kind of stone around it, or make a stone wall and install your TV on top of the fireplace, or you simply have a photo of a fireplace that you like; feel free to contact us. ×
All installation and maintenance will be performed by fully licensed staff who have the knowledge and experience in all of our products. So if there is any problem in your heating or cooling system, you are just a phone call away from getting it right. ×
Performed annually as specified by the fireplace manufacturer. This cleaning and inspection maintenance enhances the appearance of your fireplace while verifying the equipment meets manufacturer's specifications. ×
If you are not totally satisfied for the first year following the service work performed by Service Experts, we will promptly address and perform to your complete satisfaction those issues regarding material and workmanship or we will refund your service call fee. ×